Microsoft Office InfoPath is a software application for designing, distributing, filling and submitting electronic forms containing structured data. According to one of its inventors, a key architectural design decision was "to adhere to the XML paradigm of separating the data in a document from the formatting." Thus the product features a WYSIWYG form design area in which the various controls (dropdowns, text boxes, etc.) are bound to data fields represented separately as a hierarchical tree view of folders and data fields.


Virtually Paper free Office

A virtually paper free office? Sound impossible?
Momin Solutions has the solution! Does your office still use paper forms as the first step in the data entry process?
Inalign can show you how to use InfoPath forms to achieve a virtually paper free office for all information.

Microsoft Office InfoPath provides

  • structured data entry

  • retrieval system for users

  • check, validate and change values of information as its entered, preventing errors

For retrieval and submission of data. Microsoft InfoPath can integrate with

  • Web Services

  • Databases

  • Web Servers

Typical uses of InfoPath forms consist of expense forms, timesheets, or custom business forms. Workflow has been integrated with our InfoPath forms to have data routed to the appropriate manager for approval. Managers utilize digital signatures to sign off on forms requiring approval. Data is then submitted to SharePoint for storage of information or to a Microsoft SQL database.

InfoPath Form Services Development

InfoPath Form Services allows Organisations to host InfoPath forms online within a web browser. This is mainly due to the licensing issues and deployment issues of InfoPath 2007 client.
InfoPath is an extremely quick way to build Business Forms and has out of the box integration with SharePoint Lists and therefore versioning, workflow, security etc.

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How it works

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