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We are here to help you resolve your business’ IT challenges. Whether you are looking for a complete solution or simply wanting to leverage your existing IT investments, Momin Solutions is dedicated to developing and supporting dynamic solutions specifically tailored to meet your business needs. We can consolidate server services, configure software, audit security policies, upgrade and migrate to newer hardware, apply software patches, and optimize existing configurations.

Our current IT Support Service plans are geared to fulfill the needs of 95% of small/medium businesses such as yours. We recognize that most service offerings appear to be the same among IT different vendors, but encourage you to look into the details that makes us your preferred vendor. As an example, our intelligent support system will call and notify our engineers in the event of a major outage. This cell phone notification will not stop until a response is received from an engineer.

IT Services

Data Backups and Disaster Recovery Backup Solutions for Businesses

The increased use and availability of the Internet, combined with technological breakthroughs, has pushed for and successfully allowed most businesses to seamlessly transition from a paper office to a digital office. These critical files, such as documents, faxes, emails, drawings, audio files, and photos are then stored on servers, workstations, laptops, and smartphones. In particular, there has been a significant growth in usage of Email. Online order confirmations, faxes, and voicemails are just some examples of the uses of this reliable technology.
As a result, we rely heavily on the availability of our data. In turn, this reliance calls for a sound backup strategy. How important is your data, what happens when our data is deleted, lost, overwritten or damaged, and how fast do you need your files recovered are essential questions to determine your backup strategy and needs. Failure to accurately answer these questions could result in compromised data, short data retention, and decreased business productivity.

  • Virtual Tape Libraries (VTL) is a data storage virtualization technology that emulate tape libraries, making management and integration with existing backup software seamless.

  • Data Deduplication is an important new technology that is quickly being embraced by users as they struggle with issues of data proliferation. By eliminating redundant data objects, an immediate benefit is obtained through space efficiencies. When choosing a deduplication product, however, it is important to consider all aspects of design, including space savings efficiency, performance overhead, and resiliency against failure/saves.

  • Disk imaging is making an exact copy of a computer’s hard drive. The copy includes all the partition information, boot sectors, file allocation table, operating system installation and application software.

  • Continuous Backup/Continuous Data Protection (CDP) is a service that allows for the backup of multiple versions of data by automatically saving a copy of every change that is made to that data.

  • Compression looks at a stream of data using a sliding window. Usually, a compression ratio of 1:2 is normal.

Asset Management Solutions for Businesses

Whether it’s a simple excel sheet or a complete inventory management solution with bar code scanners or RFID tags, we have a solution for you that will fit your budget and needs.

  • Asset Tagging and Tracking we all know that in today’s mobile business environment, asset tracking is a challenge. Employee turnover or cubical reassignments only expedite the inevitable: assets become misplaced, borrowed, or even lost. Businesses today waste thousands of dollars each year due to poor or non-existent asset tracking processes. Money is lost when employees spend needless hours searching for items, or when items become misplaced or lost during normal day-to-day operations. For example, if one employee spends an average of 10 minutes each day searching for items, he or she will waste a total of 40 hours in just one year. Without an accurate tracking system, businesses lose countless dollars needlessly replacing misplaced assets.

Systems Integration Solutions for Businesses

Although Microsoft OS's are the most prevalent in businesses throughout the world, there are still many things left to be desired. Whether it's due to cost, security, compatibility, usability, or performance, other platforms such as Linux, Unix, and Solaris can usually address those needs. Sometimes, the best solution is a hybrid solution composing of different platforms.
Momin Solutions IT Consultants have a great level of experience working with multiple operating systems and the integration between them. We will integrate between software solutions to provide the most seamless convergence of different environments for maximum efficiency.

  • Linux / Unix / Solaris / Mac OS X in a Microsoft environment

Integration Challenges:

  • Administration isn’t centralized - Administrators are often running around to various systems. For instance, if someone’s name changes (say, due to marriage) the administrator must hunt down each and every directory the user is in

  • Costs are increased due to inefficiencies - The more resources that have to be managed each platform demands more time, which means more money.

  • Passwords are not synchronized - If the administrator misses one directory, that user will most certainly be prompted for alternate credentials on the missed system. Also, multiple password policies would make it a nightmare for users. In the end, this causes pain for the user and certainly a call to the help desk.

Integration Challenges Answers:

  • Active Directory - Windows Server 2008 also includes the capability to integrate UNIX security and directory services. The optional Active Directory schema update includes NIS schema and Kerberos authentication extensions that enable customers to synchronize the Network Information Service (NIS) with Active Directory. Additionally, the Identity Management for UNIX (IDMU) is a complete solution for managing UNIX identity and security, including administration components, password synchronization, and a Windows-based server for NIS.

  • File and Print Services - Microsoft Services for the network file system (NFS) in Windows Server 2003 R2 includes everything you need to share files between UNIX and Windows systems, manage file security from Windows using Active Directory accounts, and manage file and print services across Windows and UNIX platforms.

IT Networking Security Solutions for Businesses

Security is usually not that important until a disaster forms from it. Some times, security issues arise from humans; not computers. Knowing this, NetCal strives to educate users how they can be a victim due to poor security practices. Many factors are considered to determine the best security policies for each particular company. We also understand that security practices must be practical or else they won't be used.

  • Malicious Software

  • Firewalls

  • Encryption

  • Security Audit

Software and Hardware Upgrades and Migrations for Businesses

If you would like to migrate existing software to newer hardware or upgrade existing software for additional features, you can rely on NetCal to make it smooth and seamless. If necessary, we can loan available hardware so downtime is minimized. We could take a snapshot of your server and directly migrate to new hardware using our Imaging software. Lastly, our experience allows us to know the pitfalls to avoid make sure your new configuration is running efficiently. We also can work during off hours to minimize user impact. We are confident that our expertise in many different software applications and platforms allow us to get the job done correctly.

  • Active Directory Migration

  • Microsoft Exchange Migration

IT Networking Solutions for Businesses

All businesses have atleast one thing in common: they all have a reliance on a stable network infrastructure. We've all experienced what happens when our freeways and roadways are blocked. Similarly, if the network infrastructure is not providing networking services smoothly, the business comes to a halt. This causes the business to stop which is never a good thing. At Momin Solutions, we understand and realize the importance of networking equipment. Our experts will tell you the difference between a managed and unmanaged switch. We will let you know the importance of your core switches versus your distribution switches. Routers and firewalls are evaluated to meet performance and functionl standards for your business. Furthermore, designing a network that allows for stability, growth and efficiency is our main priority.

  • Network Setup / Network Implementation

Our Network Implementation services are customized for each client. Depending on work scope and content, the engagement may include some or all of the following activities:

  • Deploying high-speed backbone networks

  • Integrating network management platforms

  • Building network operations and management centers

  • Implementing remote access technology

  • Implementing Quality of Service for next generation converged networks

  • Reconfiguring and upgrading network elements, systems, and facilities

  • Testing, certifying, and documenting the network

Our Network Security services include:

  • Security Audits

  • VPN setup

  • Firewall setup

  • Anti-Virus setup

  • Software Compliance Audit

  • Security Policy Development

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

Centralized Network Storage Solutions for Businesses

or most businesses today, the most valuable asset they have is data. To be able to optimize it's full potential, information must be available to all who need it, which can be technically challenging especially in multiple office sites. With the fast paced growth of the Internet and the need for continuous availability, duplicate copies and backing up of data is necessary for your business to function and prosper. To manage data storage, you need a scalable, efficient and effective storage solution that will increase your productivity and leverage your existing servers.

Voice over IP (VOIP) Networking Solutions for Businesses

As professional and ethical consultants, NetCal does not always recommend implementing VoIP to our clients. VoIP is only considered if the goals of the client are aligned with the benefits from a VoIP implementation. Our readiness assessment will also conclude the necessary upgrades to successfully install a Voice over IP system.

Server Virtualization and Server Consolidation Solutions for Businesses

Virtualization allows for the consolidation of services from multiple servers to a single server. It does this while maintaining the isolated environment that multiple physical servers inherit. Not only does server utilization increase, which increases efficiency, but virtualization will effectively standardize all your hardware platforms to maintain compatibility and transferrability. In the end, backups, migrations, and high-availability is possible at a considerably lowered cost.
Momin Solutions consultants can determine if Virtualization is right for you and develop a migration plan to lower your costs while increasing the productivity of your servers!

Remote Network Monitoring/Server Monitoring Services for Businesses

A monitoring solution can help support your currently lean IT staff by automating routine maintenance functions and providing the alerting and reporting capabilities necessary for capacity or server consolidation planning. It also reduces the time it takes to resolve IT issues by helping to clearly identify the problem device and cause.
At Momin Solutions, we not only provide monitoring services, but also provide it for FREE in our other IT support service offerings. This is how much we stand behind the need for and effectiveness of our monitoring services. Priding ourselves on being a proactive support provider, we feel every client should have a monitoring solution in place; no matter how simple it may be.

IT Desktop Helpdesk Support Services for Businesses

Today, more than ever, businesses are scrounging to cut costs, while continuing to run with a lean team of IT staff. Compounded with the frequency of user issues and the time it consumes, it's not a surprise when most IT projects are put on hold.
Momin Solutions can augment your existing IT staff by providing Desktop Helpdesk Support Services. This allows your current IT team to focus on the much needed server consolidation tasks or upgrades necessary for your business to work efficiently. When a user desktop issue arises, NetCal's support staff will be able to guide them through a solution remotely or onsite. Our staff will also have all the necessary documentation and familiarity with your current network environment to all provide the speediest recovery possible.

Complete IT Network Outsourcing Solutions for Businesses

With our current economic crisis, many medium-sized businesses are looking for ways to save money, but still require a solid IT infrastructure. NetCal's Complete IT Outsourcing service lowers costs while bringing peace of mind to the company. It allows the company to concentrate on their core competencies and business development tasks. A virtual CIO will help align your business goals with your IT environment. Our outsourcing service is ideal for medium-sized businesses that are downsizing, but would still like IT support from a group of certified IT professionals.

  • Complete IT Network Outsourcing details

Designed for:

  • Companies who want to fully outsource their IT department support

  • Companies who prefer fixed costs no matter what time or disaster it is

  • Companies who benefit from many IT experts without having to pay for them all

  • Companies who want to consolidate their IT environment

  • Companies downsizing and can no longer budget for multiple IT personnel

  • A virtual Chief Information Officer, without the costs

  • Many user requests

  • Complex IT infrastructures

Additional Benefits:

  • Decreased response time (onsite and offsite)

  • Discounted Rates

  • No additional rate premiums

  • Monthly IT planning meetings

  • Multi-level SLAs

  • Detailed project logs

  • MON – Remote Monitoring Service

  • TIX – Online Trouble Ticketing System

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