Momin Solutions offer reliable, cost effective and timely support for your SharePoint Platform? We offer Remote SharePoint Support Services through our highly professional and dedicated SharePoint team. The work model is fully automated using a state of the art online ticketing system, called momindesk. Billing is very simple and flexible in the estimated Time and Material model we use, which means the only hours you pay for are the hours worked. Why pay high prices for dedicated resources for your SharePoint support when you can use momindesk at a fraction of the cost?

Using momindesk

Using help desk systems was never as easy as momindesk. Momin Solutions' momindesk provides multiple ways or multiple channels to communicate Including email, web and even online chat. The email address for Support is Any email sent to this address will become a ticket in momindesk.

  • For direct web access , the momindesk web address is
  • To log in either use the momindesk Account or Facebook, Twitter or Gmail Credentials

Submitting a new request is simple. Just click on the “SUBMIT A REQUEST” button on the top menu and fill in the subject and description of your incident, problem or task. To follow up on your submitted requests, Just click on “CHECK YOUR EXISTING REQUESTS” button in the top menu. You will find all your existing requests and their details in this view. You can add new comments or view the comments history added by a support agent.

We will also keep you updated with email notifications whenever there is an update on your Support Request. If you are given the online chat support option, momindesk also has the follow up capability to create ticket of complete chat discussion.

Ticket Process Flow

  • Any Ticket logged in to momindesk by Customer will be acknowledged and reviewed by momindesk team.
  • If momindesk team do not already have credentials of SharePoint environment, they will securely acquire from Customer.
  • If Ticket’s effort estimates are more than Customer defined threshold limit, approval will be required from Customer for go ahead.
  • Ticket will be submitted for verification to Customer once work is completed on Ticket by the momindesk team.
  • On successful verification, Ticket will be closed and included in Customer billing.
  • In case on any issue during verification, Ticket will be assigned back to momindesk team to address any pending issues.
Support Point Ticket Process Flow

Services Offered

Momin Solutions' momindesk covers support for all SharePoint areas, from configuring a simple team site, to complex SharePoint Farm deployment.

In SharePoint Site administration Services we cover almost everything which can be done by a Site Collection Administrator or Power User using the SharePoint browser based Site Actions. Like

  • Creation and Maintenance of Sites, Lists, Views and Libraries
  • Permission Management
  • Surveys
  • Web Part Pages
  • and much more

In SharePoint Server administration Services we cover everything which needs to be done on SharePoint box or using Central Administration App, from setting up a new SharePoint FARM to Configuring Search. Such as

  • Creating Web Applications, Site Collections and Content Databases
  • Configuring and Administering
  • Managed Metadata
  • Authentication
  • My Sites
  • Search
  • Office Web Apps
  • And all SharePoint Services from Business Connectivity to Access Services

We can also device your Backup and Restore Strategy and analyse your SharePoint Farm Health and much more.

We not only administrate your SharePoint Farm but we can also offer custom development such as

  • InfoPath Form Development
  • Custom Workflows either developed in SharePoint Designer or Visual Studio.
  • Custom Web Parts
  • Features
  • Templates
  • And even we can brand your public facing website to look more professional and much more

Momin Solutions also offer on demand support for many other Microsoft based product and technologies, like

  • SQL Server Services
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, CRM
  • and many more


The Billing Process for Momin Solutions' Support is simply estimated Time and Material - hours based. Every ticket is estimated with the estimated numbers of hours required to complete the ticket and the key advantage is that these hours remain the same even if we spend more than the estimated hours to complete the ticket. That is, Billing on Estimates not on time spent or wasted, unless there is a change in scope or a lack of details which needs additional hours or re-estimation.

For added budget security, you can define your own threshold limit for estimated hours which requires your approval. Tickets will be submitted for your approval if the estimated hours exceed your defined threshold limit, before we start any work on ticket. At the end of the billing cycle – either Monthly, Fortnightly or Weekly - all resolved tickets’ hours will be invoiced.

Getting Register

Signup with momindesk using the New Customer Registration Form on our website Fill in your company details and the list of all the users you wish to be able to Submit and follow-up requests on momindesk along with their Login Details and the type of access, whether they can view their own tickets only, or all of the tickets raised by your company.

Once the Registration form is submitted, all the user accounts will be created in momindesk, and will receive their details via email after the approval process. So, why pay high prices for dedicated resources for your SharePoint support, when you can use momindesk at a fraction of the cost?

How it works

How it works

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