Best platform to help manage your law firm

Completely web-based, OneDocx is a practice management system that is specifically designed for solo practitioners and small law firms on top of Microsoft SharePoint Platform. Your important client data is securely accessible anywhere from your PC, your Mac, and even your iPhone.

Access Your Data from Any Device

Windows Fan? Mac Fanatic? iPhone devotee? BlackBerry diehard? OneDocx is accessible via virtually any device, allowing you - and each member of your firm - to choose their preferred desktop and mobile platform.

Any Operating System

Whether you're a Windows fan or a Mac die-hard, OneDocx is for you. OneDocx embraces the latest web standards and runs best on the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Best Security (Microsoft Cloud)

OneDocx is being deployed to the best security clouds available in the market (mostly Microsoft) to ensure your sensitive data stays safe and secure.

Tasks and Schedule At-a-Glance

OneDocx's dashboard provides a centralized view of your upcoming tasks and schedule so you know, at-a-glance, what commitments you have for the day.


Get Things Done

OneDocx's task management system makes it easy to "Get Things Done" and helps make forgotten tasks a thing of the past. Simple yet powerful, OneDocx's task management system allows you to easily link tasks to matters, assign tasks to other members of your firm, and monitor the progress of task completion for a specific matter.

OneDocx allows you to easily link tasks to matters. Onedocx makes it possible to view all tasks across all matters, or to drill-down to the tasks only relating to a specific matter

Contact Management

Keep a record of every client interaction in OneDocx’s communications logs. Use permissions settings to grant or restrict access to a client’s communication history for other members of your firm.

Matters Management

Update a case status to open, pending, or closed, and add notes for you and your staff at any time to easily share and track the status of a case.Use custom data fields to collect, store, and easily search for specific information related to your cases.

Tasks Management

Add details, such as types, statuses, and time estimations to every task with Advanced Tasks. Update the progress of a task in and outside the office with OneDocx’s app.Add as many custom task categories as you want using Advanced Tasks, or pull from existing task categories. Stay on top of progress by changing task status to Pending, In Progress, In Review, or Done.

Document Management

Keep your legal files all in one place and search and organise your documents efficiently. Collaborate with your clients and keep track of changes and edits with our integrated versioning. Eliminate the security risk of emailing sensitive documents by using OneDocx's private portal to share and collaborate with only the right contacts.


OneDocx Pricing Per User

$34.99/month *in addition to microsoft sharepoint price.

Additional Support can be provided from standard Momin Solution’s support platform momindesk at just £34 per hour excluding VAT

How it works

How it works

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OneDocx Offers

  • Practice Management

  • Client and Matter Management

  • Calendaring and Reminders

  • Document Management

  • Task Management

  • Contacts Management

  • Cloud Based anywhere Accessibility

  • Secure and on any Operating System

  • Collaboration Tools

  • Sync with Outlook

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