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  • Effort Estimate: Every ticket is estimated with the estimated numbers of hours required to complete the ticket and these hours remain the same even if we spend more than the estimated hours to complete the ticket. That is, Billing on Estimates not on time spent or wasted, unless there is a change in scope or a lack of details which needs additional hours or re-estimation. For added budget security, you can define your own threshold limit for estimated hours which requires your approval. Tickets will be submitted for your approval if the estimated hours exceed your defined threshold limit, before we start any work on ticket.

  • Billing: Every logged ticket will be invoiced at minimum of one hour even if the estimate is less than one hour. If a ticket does not need any action after it has been logged it will be invoiced with minimum effort of one hour. At the end of the billing cycle – either Monthly, Fortnightly or Weekly - all resolved tickets’ hours will be invoiced.

  • SLA and Timeline: The basic momindesk plan does not follow any SLA (Service Level Agreement). It is based on availability of momindesk team. If Customer needs a specific SLA to be followed, a separate Service Level Agreement will be negotiated with specific customer. However any ticket with agreed deadline should be available by the agreed deadline unless there is a change in scope or unavailability of resources by Customer or a lack of details which needs additional hours or re-estimation.

  • Payment: All Invoice will be payable within the 15 days of invoice date.

  • Limits: momindesk does not include the following types of support:

    • Any hardware support.

    • Any on-site services.

    • Remote or on-site training assistance.

  • Confidentiality: Any data having high confidentiality requirements will be tagged explicitly by Customer to take special consideration however both parties will not disclose data to any third party without prior approval.

  • Rate: momindesk basic plan rates are as follows. Customer will be informed 15 days in advance if there is any change in their rates. SLAs negotiated separately will have their Service Agreement rates.

    • £34 per hour excluding VAT