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The SharePoint 2010 family of tools has expanded to include a wider variety of functionality that offers organizations a streamlined process and central location for document management, collaboration and information management. In SharePoint Site Administration Support Services we cover almost everything which can be done by a Site Collection Administrator or Power User using SharePoint browser based Site Actions. Following areas are covered.

Sharepoint Site Administration

Site Collections, Top Level Sites and Sites

The first major milestone after implementation is the creation of sites within a site collection. Understanding the types of sites available within SharePoint 2010, as well as the process of creating and understanding navigation, is the foundation.

  • Creating Sites and Subsites

  • Modifying Site Navigation

  • Specialty Sites

Creating and Modifying Libraries and Lists

Most of the administrating within SharePoint 2010 is done at the list or library level.

  • Custom Lists

  • New Product Survey

  • List from Excel

  • Document Library

  • Asset Library

  • Wiki Page Library and much more

Managing Permissions for Users and Groups

Create and manage permissions within SharePoint 2010 is one of the more crucial elements for SharePoint 2010 Site.

  • Managing Permissions within SharePoint 2010

  • Stop Inheriting Permissions

  • Creating a New SharePoint 2010 Group

  • Managing Users and Groups

Site Content Management and Collaboration

When a new site is created, the site administrators will need to decide how content is managed within the site. They will also need to consider how sites flow between each other, how information is portrayed, especially at the Welcome Page level, and how content is managed within the site.

  • Modify the Current Welcome Page

  • Enable Content Management

  • Enable Content Rating

  • Working with Records Center

  • Enabling and Configuring Audience Targeting

Creating Consistency across Sites

When developing SharePoint 2010, it is necessary to create a consistent feel across sites within the site collection.

  • Site Columns

  • Site Content Types

  • Implementing Document Sets

  • Show/Hide the Server Ribbon

  • SharePoint Site Themes

  • SharePoint Templates

  • Site Templates

  • List and Library Templates

  • Page Layout and Site Template Settings

Finding Information Using Search and Views

One common complaint within organizations is the difficulty finding documents in a timely manner. Many hours are wasted searching for a specific document. Configure views in order to assist SharePoint 2010 users in finding what they need in much less time.

  • Adding Columns to Lists and Libraries

  • Creating Views in Lists and Libraries

  • Configuring Per-Location View

  • Metadata and Taxonomy for SharePoint 2010

  • Implementing Managed Metadata

  • Implementing Managed Keywords and Best Bets

  • SharePoint Search Sites

  • Configuring Search Scope

  • Configuring Search Visibility

Displaying Data with Web Parts in SharePoint 2010

One important feature within SharePoint 2010 is the many different Web Parts. Most of the SharePoint 2010 Web Parts can be customized.

  • Managing a Web Part on a Page

  • Customizing a Web Part

  • Web Part Maintenance

Document Management through Workflows

An integral part of SharePoint 2010 for document and information management is the ability to configure Workflows. By default, SharePoint 2010 comes with built-in Workflows to help organizations in a variety of different ways, including; approving a new item or document, collecting feedback from multiple users, or disposing of documents based on compliance policies.

  • Approval - SharePoint 2010 Workflow

  • Three-State Workflow

  • Collect Feedback - SharePoint 2010 Workflow

  • Collect Signatures - SharePoint 2010 Workflow

  • Disposition Workflow

SharePoint 2010 Social Computing and Collaboration

An important advancement within SharePoint 2010 is the inclusion of Social Computing concepts. Many organizations have similar challenges when working with internal talent management, also known as knowledge management. One common challenge is finding an individual with the specific skills and knowledge needed to complete a task or project. SharePoint 2010 offers a viable platform to help organizations with talent or knowledge management.

  • Configuring My Profile

  • SharePoint 2010 My Site Blog

Administrating a SharePoint 2010 Site Collection and Site

There are many other settings for Site Collection and Sites which needs day to day Support.

  • Settings for Site Administration

  • Settings for Site Collection Administration

Sharepoint Site Administration

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How it works

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